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I am a professional accountant, and some of my clients are interested in working with Wave processes. Now, I have several questions:
1) In our country it exists that apart from the invoice number it is issued with a fiscal voucher number (NCF) (It is currently composed of a letter and 10 numbers this is sequential, I was looking at the fields available in the invoice templates and I could not find any that would allow me to add this number.
2) I must issue some monthly reports to the Dgii (agency that handles taxes in my country) They are issued in TXT format. But I can work it if a system allows me to issue reports in excel. If you wish, I can send you forms of these forms in order to integrate it into Wave. This would allow Wave to be widely used in the Dominican Republic.

3) Is there a date when payroll will start in countries like Rep. Dom.?

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    Hi, @Camilo.

    Thank you so much for your interest!

    1. There's no field dedicated to such a number, but there are a few places it could be entered in. If you click on the "Business address and contact details, Title, Summary, and Logo" bar at the top of the Invoice Creation page, you'll see a Summary field that could be used for this purpose. You could also add it to invoices as a memo or footer.
    2. You can find all kinds of reports which you can download as CSV files on the Reports page. Just click on Reports on the menu on the left and see if one of those reports is what you're looking for. I can't give advice with regards to tax compliance, however, as I'm not an accountant. You are welcome to share these forms here, and while I can't promise that they will be integrated to Wave, we're always happy to take a look.
    3. Payroll by Wave is currently only available in Canada and the United States. While we would love to eventually expand beyond those two countries, there are currently no plans to do so.
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    Excellent response. Sorry I had not been able to answer before.
    I will check the reports you tell me. In any way attached I leave the forms that I mentioned.

  • CamiloCamilo Member Posts: 3

    attached I leave the forms that I mentioned.

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