Do you work with contractors?

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Following on from a question by Mani in another discussion, we'd love to learn more about your relationship with 1099/contractors. How many contractors do you hire? How do you bill them and how often? What tools do you work with now?

Do you work with contractors? 12 votes

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    I work with homeowners. It will be great if can create recurrent bill and too attach "Contracts" to bills where is necessity just like Receipts apps. Can just add QR code to the bills which will then assist the camapps to take pic of contract for easy reference.

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    Hi @Charlotte

    We use Wave to collect the monthly maintenace, for that we use recurring billing option since the amount is fixed.

    If a contract option is made available then with reference to this fix price contract we can do a periodic billing.

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    The business i manage maintains relationships with 1099 contractors. I bill a customer with an invoice. Then based on the products/services sold on said invoice, i pay the contractor a set percentage of each profit item.

    I would love to be able to automatically gather that data for payroll purposes as this is all contractors we use. In its simplest form, this is a profit sharing venture.

    What might my options be at this point?

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    @nofd1236 where are you located, and are your contractors all local? We facilitate work with contractors through our payroll service.

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