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CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

If you use Payroll, you're likely already familiar with how to add your employees into Wave. Select Payroll > Employees > Add an Employee, then enter their details, salary information, and Save.

You may also know about using timesheets. If your employee is compensated with a yearly salary, you would not enter a timesheet unless you would like to record and pay your employee overtime or vacation hours. Wave uses the salary you entered in your employee's profile to calculate their check. Any hours you enter into the field for regular hours will be added over and above your salaried employee's regular pay.

For hourly employees, though, this is likely to be a more frequent process. We’re looking at improving timesheets and we'd love to hear your feedback on this. If you're interested in participating and/or offering some feedback and have a few minutes to spare, please send me a message. Feel free to include any feedback here on the post, too. :)


  • BenRajabiBenRajabi Administrator Posts: 12 admin

    Thanks Charlotte for the post.

    We recently launched an improved version of our time sheets (more information here: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000901183-Updates-to-employee-timesheets)

    We are always interested in hearing how our customers use our software. I'd love to hear any comments regarding this improvement.

  • aadaad Member Posts: 7

    Is there any API that would allow us to enter the timesheet details for our employees?
    We waste time, make errors transcribing hours now. Then we have to make corrections, which can't be done once a payroll has been generated. Since you cannot annotate a timehseet to say there was a mistake all historical timesheet data in Wave becomes suspect.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @aad.

    This isn't currently possible, but we'd love to hear more about how you would see that work.

    We are working on a new API right now which we aim to release before the end of the year. It'll allow for many new integrations. If there is a specific integration you'd like to see, let us know!

  • samashersamasher Member Posts: 1

    We have hourly employees. I want each employee to be able to log in to their own Wave Payroll page and record their own hours. When it's time to pay them I would like their supervisor to be able to confirm their hours and then Wave Payroll would take care of all taxes, deductions, etc. and would also send the electronic payment into their bank account. If not now, when will Wave payroll be able to do this? Thank you.

  • SheenaSheena Member Posts: 2

    We use an electronic time clock for our hours. Is there a way to import this data into Wave payroll instead of me having to re-enter it every week?

  • BenRajabiBenRajabi Administrator Posts: 12 admin

    Hi @Sheena
    Not at this point unfortunately, but we are definitely exploring the ability to import time sheets, or better yet, connect directly with such applications.
    I'm curious, what is the application you use?

  • SheenaSheena Member Posts: 2

    We bought the total pass proximity clock from Icon Time. It does have the ability to dump directly into quick books payroll and a few other payroll softwares. Too bad that Wave doesnt account for this. The time involved in entering our timesheets manually might make quickbooks the end winner.

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