Searching Customer Account Numbers

DexterTittilDexterTittil Member Posts: 2

I could be wrong, but there's no way to search a customer by their account number. There's a field to add the account number when adding or editing the customer, however, there is no way to search by account number as far as I can tell.
Can someone tell me if there is a way to achieve this?
Also is there any way to add additional notes unto a customer's information that is only visible in the Wave back end rather than the customer seeing those notes?

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  • Ellie_Writes_ThingsEllie_Writes_Things Member Posts: 42 ✭✭

    There isn't a way to do that, @DexterTittil, you can only search by client name. It does sound like a good idea for businesses with more clients. You could put that number in front of the client's name instead of its own field. That would allow you search by number.

    There's no custom note field for customers either, but I know there's been some talk about that elsewhere on the community recently. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

  • DexterTittilDexterTittil Member Posts: 2

    @Ellie_Writes_Things thanks for your feedback. Adding the account number to the customer name is something I thought of doing, but doesn't seem like the best way to do it. I'll definitely use that format for new clients though.
    A good feature I'd love to see is being able to also search customers in the customers section, maybe even open the contact and view it from here would be nice.

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you both for taking the time to share your feedback, @DexterTittil and @Ellie_Writes_Things.

    While you are right and adding that number to your client's name isn't the most elegant solution, it's a solid workaround (thank you @Ellie_Writes_Things)

    Can you tell me more about how you use client numbers in the context of your business, @DexterTittil? Do you have a very large number of clients?

  • GrantWHallGrantWHall Member Posts: 24

    @DexterTittil, what I have done is we put the customers name in the Customer field and then in the first Contact field we enter their customer number. This way it shows on the search screen and is in the dropdown when looking for a customer. This way you do not have to junk up the name of the customer to accomplish what it sounds like you are trying to do.

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