Transactions Not Updated for Over a MONTH - WAVE PAYMENTS customer

RockCenterRockCenter Member Posts: 2

My bank transactions have not updated for over a month now making the use of Wave nearly moot. I've tried using the chatbot to no avail. As far as I understand it I should have access to live chat since I use Wave Payments - but have constantly been told by the bot that, "Support from a human agent is included for customers using Wave Payments, Payroll, or Money." and then "Support is self-serve for customers using only our free Invoicing and Accounting software." I contacted my bank to see if there were any updates that may have created problems with Plaid - that didn't seem to be the case. I checked my accounts and they are all connected, I do not want to do manual data entry, nor do I want to disconnect/re-connect. This is not the first time this has happened. The last time it lasted for weeks and I did the disconnect/reconnect process and it created a huge pain with duplicate transactions and mis-marked entries - big headache. I understand the 2 - 7 day lag - but 4 weeks is unacceptable... It is also very frustrating that I cannot get ahold of any human support. I understand the policy - its free software, and self serve help is the tradeoff but I am a Payments customer and still unable to find the support I need. I'm tired of the wait and see approach. Wave is a good program for small business, but I've found the support abysmal and the quirks frustrating. Is there anyone that can assist with this issue? Has anyone else had these issues on the regular? More to the point - if I can't depend on Wave, I'll need to move on. If the only answer to my problem is Wait-N-See or follow the chatbot's recommendations, can anyone recommend another program that allows for the management of both biz and personal accounting? Thank you for taking the time to read and assist!! Kind regards - rock

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