Issue with margins in the invoice pdf



  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @Hot_Glass, thanks for following up on this, and I do fully understand where you're coming from. The ability to be able to print in A4 size is incredibly important to some businesses, and as you mentioned, especially outside of North America, so I do apologize that this is not exactly where it should be! In full transparency, being a cloud- based software, it is not on our immediate roadmap to optimize this feature, but I can assure you that our Product team is aware of this set back, so never say never.

  • Hot_GlassHot_Glass Member Posts: 22

    There is another thread on A4 paper option added recently . . .
    Maybe it should be merged with this one as this thread developed from margin issue to paper size issue.

    I noticed early in this thread the OP ( @Mits ) said they are using the contemporary invoice template.
    As I noted in the other thread, I'm not terribly upset with paper size margins and look, can manage with it until hopefully rectified sometime.
    I'm using classic template, so maybe this is worth trying for some of you, change options and check if better for you.

  • abeyabey Member Posts: 2

    I'm using your service for 2 days and I'm already annoyed because of the lack of A4 template. PDF invoice are very common here and any format other than the standard A4 is unprofessional.

  • GordonGGordonG Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I'm going to join the requests for A4 for documents. International software deserves international solutions, and tying the invoicing etc to US Letter is just plain wrong. Surely it can't be difficult, given that the operating system knows what country it's in, to simply pick that up and go with it?

    Also just had a message back from a client saying they can't print the invoice from the PDF, but if they copy and paste it into a Word (vomit) document, it will print from there. Prints fine on mine (reduced by a bucketload to fit a proper piece of paper...) shrugs

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  • AlfotusAlfotus Member Posts: 1

    Hello, Please add the option to download the pdf as A4 settings.
    Same problem as well mentioned in the comments above. My customer complained too, couldn't print a nice one, with this US letter settings.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,760 admin

    Hey @Alfotus

    I appreciate you reaching out about this. I apologize for being the bearer of bad news, however there isn't a scheduled update for this coming down the pipeline. Thanks for generating a +1 on this feature.

  • VimalCruzVimalCruz Member Posts: 3

    Hi, could a short term solution be just to at an international template for invoicing?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,901 admin

    Hey @VimalCruz . Can you explain what you mean by international template?

  • VimalCruzVimalCruz Member Posts: 3

    Hey @AlexL. Sure, under settings > Invoice Customization> General Settings, there are three Template layouts. Which are great and simple to use.

    I would like to suggest a forth Layout (Modern design, or either one which is most used), pre-set for international page settings (A4). This will cature for invoices in the intrim but I do know that this would not work for other reports.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,901 admin

    @VimalCruz Got it. Thanks for the clarification here.

    Just for further clarity, Wave was originally created as an online accounting and invoicing software, and although there may be a need for printing invoices onto hard real-world copies, historically the team hasn't prioritized these requests as they continue to focus on improving enhancements that affect sending invoices online. With this being said, we still do very well value your feedback, and I'd be more than happy to pass this feature idea on to the team, but I do want to be transparent about how these are normally handled.

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