Issue with margins in the invoice pdf

MitsMits Member Posts: 11

There are two strange things happening whenever we export an invoice from the web or give a print out.

  1. The exported PDF doesn't have enough margins. This poses issues while punching and filing the hard copies of invoices.

  2. If we give a print directly from the web, the accent colored bar in the invoice vanishes.


  • Dante_BulluckDante_Bulluck Member Posts: 53 ✭✭

    Not sure what's up with the bar, I'm sure someone else can help with that one, but the PDF margin thing probably has more to do with your printer configuration than an issue with Wave.

    I'd play around with formatting options there. Might just be a box that needs to be checked. I know Wave works in Letter format by default, so if you're using A4 and not accounting for it, that might be the problem.

  • RahimRahim Administrator Posts: 97 admin

    @Mits When you want to print an invoice, we suggest that you export a PDF and then print that. This ensures that the layout is optimal and page breaks are maintained as well as clarity in the text and images used.

    If you are having issues with the PDF export of invoices, can you let me know what template you are using and I can take a look!

    We do make the invoices fill the page so if your issue is only when punching and filing, you have the option to control the scaling while printing. You can set it to print at 90% or 80% to create a border around the outside to allow for that type of filing.

    Hope that helps!

  • MitsMits Member Posts: 11

    @Dante_Bulluck - I think you pointed out right thing. I am using A4 size paper. This might solve the problem but I'm not sure. I am using the "contemporary" template. If you see it carefully, the margin on either side is very small. It should be at least half an inch on the left side for punching and filing purpose.

    @Rahim - What you said is true for computers but I am using mobile device / tablet. So there are no options for reducing the fill area in the printer plugins (I am using an hp printer).

    So my suggestion is, if we can add options like "export to PDF" and "print invoice" directly in the three dots context menu on invoice (as is given on the web version), it will be very useful.

    The reason for asking this feature is very simple. Most of the businesses nowadays use tablets or mobiles for various apps like appointment scheduling and management of various business needs and in most circumstances, they are connected to wifi printers too. At the business site, it is generally preferred to give a print out of the invoice immediately to the customer. The employees generally don't have much time to go through a lengthy process. Currently, we make invoives in the mobile app then we go to the web version, login, go to the invoice, export it as pdf and then give a print out. This process takes at least 5 minutes and sometimes even more.

    I hope that would make my point and should make a difference too :smile:

  • RahimRahim Administrator Posts: 97 admin

    @Mits Thanks for the clarity! I will take that away and discuss with our mobile team to see what possible ideas/solutions we can come up with!

  • MitsMits Member Posts: 11

    Thanks @Rahim for the prompt response :smile:

  • Andy_NakiAndy_Naki Member Posts: 5

    Hi, on a similar theme I currently email the invoices to myself so that I can add additional information such as a record of hours / mileage etc to the back of the invoice. The pdf's always seem to be in letter format whilst I work in A4's or other iso sizes. Is there a way of changing the default page size as I'm currently having to recreate the pdf to an A4 page size so that the attachments match before I send them on to the client.

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    @Andy_Naki not at the moment, but we really appreciate the feedback. If you don't mind my asking, what kinds of details do you typically include? Are these expenses for reimbursement?

  • Andy_NakiAndy_Naki Member Posts: 5

    Charlotte, typically I attach a record of hours worked and expenses typically. However, on large lump sum contracts the invoice has a schedule of items and percentage complete as a record for the project manager. Regards Andy

  • WRHWRH Member Posts: 2

    The PDF that Wave creates when I export an invoice to PDF is created in US Letter size. Here is the relevant property line from a typical PDF
    Paper Size: US Letter, Portrait (216 × 279 mm)
    Which is fine for US printers but very difficult for UK where we are almost inevitably on ISO A4 paper sizes.
    If I print the invoice myself that is sort of ok because I can "shrink to fit" BUT it doesn't have the same professional look and feel that one could want.
    However it is not really appropriate to ask our customers to do that so everything prints right to the edge for width, if the printer can get that far, and has great big margins, relatively speaking, at the top and bottom - which, I'm sorry to say, makes it look sort of amateurish.
    We need a setting somewhere to set an appropriate paper size for our local market - please!

  • TylerTyler Administrator Posts: 105 admin

    Thanks for that insight @WRH! Given that we're a global software, we do our best to be as universally intuitive. Things like this that a highly regional are good reminder of how we can make things better. 

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 695 admin

    Thank you @WRH and @Andy_Naki ! To be fully forthcoming with you, I don't have any information regarding plans to do this at this time, and I can't promise we'll be able to make a change. However, I'd be happy to discuss options you might have for other tools to make it easier to manage the page size issue with Wave.

    If you don't mind - how often do you have to print physical copies of your invoices? Is this because your clients require it? If you could incorporate other documents or information into your invoices, could you get around that step?

  • Andy_NakiAndy_Naki Member Posts: 5

    I don't print the invoices I attach A4 pdf's of additional information to the invoice before submitting them electronically as one document.

  • trelimontrelimon Member Posts: 15

    Hi all,

    Totally understand @Tyler and @Charlotte you need to be universal but the world standard (ie. ISO) is A4. I think that the US is such an important market that using the US standard size is understandable but the rest of the world uses A4. I agree with @Andy_Naki - please have it as an option. Its really a small thing but makes a big difference to the customer perception of their supplier and their accounting system.


  • ennynzennynz Member Posts: 2

    I'm evaluating Wave app and move from another Invoicing app, but the fact that all your paper sizing in US Letter it's a big no-no for me. I cannot send an invoice to my clients and add a note, if you need to print, please reduce the zoom factor to 80%, it's absolutely unprofessional, especially from a designer point of view. Printing the PDF in US Letter and then change it into A4, the final result looks pretty amateurish and as a designer is simply too bad to share with my clients, which would look at it and question my abilities to be a designer. How difficult would be to add the templates in A4 as well? Other tools do it (eg Zoho Invoicing). Please, add the feature, as your App is using Stripe and Stripe is going global, and due to this you will have more clients coming from outside the US! Thank you.

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  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 559 admin

    Hey @ennynz great suggestions, and thank you! I can confirm we're working on upgrading our invoices (they currently run on an older system that has some limitations), so once we've migrated over to a more robust platform our Product Team will be taking a look at all of the suggestions for implementation. So, even though feedback is always appreciated, feedback is especially appreciated right now. I'll make sure your comment (and this thread in general) is on the feature request list.

  • Adrian22Adrian22 Member Posts: 1

    Any software with a global usage target should allow at least Letter (US) and A4 as paper formats.

    edited January 16, 2019
  • ProeisProeis Member Posts: 1

    I have to jump in on this too. Being able to export A4 size is more important that it may seem. This is really something that should be added in. Thanks guys.

  • phikphik Member Posts: 3

    Definitely. It's depressing to operate as a global company, but send invoices that scream "I am an ignorant American who cares nothing for international norms!" Thanks in advance.

  • amandakamandak Administrator Posts: 40 admin

    @Adrian22 @Proeis @phik Thanks so much for chiming in! We hear you and appreciate you sharing how important this feature is for you. Fingers crossed that we can get your invoices to stop screaming at your customers soon ;)

  • ennynzennynz Member Posts: 2

    @amandak Any update or timeframe when this change is going to happen? Thank you.

  • amandakamandak Administrator Posts: 40 admin

    @ennynz I don't have an ETA for you, but it's on our Product Team's radar and they are constantly working on product enhancements.

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