Partial Payments on Past Due Invoices

CentralOhioCentralOhio Member Posts: 4

I have a tenant who is recovering from a gambling addiction. He and his wife want to catch up on the past due invoices.

I send them to them every month. Can he make a partial payment against an invoice? If he can, will balance update on the invoice?

For example, say the past due invoice is for $100.00. I resend it and he makes a payment of $10.00. First, is that possible? Second, will balance remaining be updated to $90.00.

Are there other alternatives other than not using Wave?

Steve (CentralOhio)


  • CorneCorne Member Posts: 3

    Yes, you can receive partial payments. Use the 'create bill payment' function against the payment and the software will update to show the outstanding balance.

  • CentralOhioCentralOhio Member Posts: 4

    Thank you for responding. I chatted with the Help (Eugene) and he said, paraphrasing, resend the invoice, the customer makes a partial, and things automatically update. I just have to monitor the account as usual and resend until balance on past due invoice is zero.

    I'll comment later and let everybody know how it went.


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, both of you!

    Thank you, @Corne, for jumping in! And Corne is right, @CentralOhio, you can just get partial payments in Wave. If you want to make things as clear as possible for your clients, you can add a note to that effect to the memo section of your invoices.

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