How to show customer VAT number on invoice



  • BTaxAccBTaxAcc Member Posts: 2

    My client's supplier used the "Ship to" fields to add the VAT number. SARS has audited my client and found no problem with it. The best thing is that the software is free, so working around a solution should not be a problem.

  • MariekeMarieke Member Posts: 1

    I can't believe there is no field for the customer's VAT number! How can WAVE not add this? This is completely insane as it is a standard field in every invoice issued in the EU. Are you that North-American centric? Please, please change it.

  • alexlewiszarkosalexlewiszarkos Administrator Posts: 480 admin

    Hi @WhiteX . Thank for your added voice in this conversation. It's always good to see one of our user's points of views on the best way to have this implemented in Wave.

    @BTaxAcc Love the suggestion on this workaround as another addition to one of the ways the VAT number can be added to the invoice.

  • NikolayNikolay Member Posts: 1

    Are there any updates on VAT ID field? This field is mandatory for every single invoice issued in EU! Also it would be great to have a VAT calculated for quarterly reports so that you don't need to do it manually. The workarounds like Address Line 2 really sound more like a joke :) I've found this one (at least you don't need to fill it every time over and over again):

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  • cesarmaravaillascesarmaravaillas Member Posts: 1

    Hey guys is there still no update since 2 years for a VAT or tax number field?!!!! It s the most basic essential and mandatory field required in any invoice.... I don't understand how hard it can be to add a field. I think Wave is a great product but having to find a work around leaves me simply speechless... Have you guys even try to implement it?

  • MerlinAccounts_UKMerlinAccounts_UK Member Posts: 157 ✭✭✭

    The need for a customer VAT ID to appear on a Sales Invoice is relevant only for biz to biz sales on cross border trade between EU states provided that the customer is of course registered for VAT in a member state - for some users of Wave in the EU this may be a rare or non existent requirement, whilst others this will indeed be absolutely essential.

    Unfortunately Wave isn't totally committed to the EU market (look no further than the severing of bank connections as evidence of this), focussing in the main on the US & Canada, so I doubt you'll get anything altered in Wave until such time as it becomes relevant to their main customer base.

  • Karen4Karen4 Member Posts: 2

    Hi, any update on this. It is not just the EU that needs this, we in South Africa also needs this.
    WAVE, what is happening? When will this field be available? Considering how many members have asked for it over the years, just think about those who have not asked?

  • alexlewiszarkosalexlewiszarkos Administrator Posts: 480 admin

    Hey @Karen4 . No update on this at the moment. If you need some workarounds, take a look in the thread above to see how people typically deal with this.

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