How to show business email address on invoice

Peter Voigt KnudsenPeter Voigt Knudsen Member Posts: 4


Can anyone tell me where I can put the email address of my business so that it is shown on an invoice?

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  • Kevin KochKevin Koch Member Posts: 3

    While it sure seems like a very simple feature for Wave to implement (I asked about this over a year ago), the only way to currently add your email address to the invoice is to put it as the FIRST line of your address information. Put your actual street address as the SECOND line. It works, but is not ideal.

  • Peter Voigt KnudsenPeter Voigt Knudsen Member Posts: 4

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the workaround!

    Yes, a bit strange that this simple piece of contact information cannot be specified in the company details. I guess it could also be put in the footer, though it is more logical that it is part of the contact information.

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  • damiendamien Member Posts: 1

    If you've no website, you can stick your email in that field. I've found that a nicer fit; all the contact details being together.

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