How awesome is Wave?

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We [TRG] are a start-up company using Wave to handle most of our invoicing/payroll.
Wave has been a huge help in our gains and success. I am a huge fan of the application and will recommend it to any small business start-ups I share a conversation with.

I have yet to dabble into other features of the application, when I do I know I will have more time and energy to be directed into other venues to grow my business.

Wave has allowed my business earn income through very effective templates and delivery options. I simply log-in after we complete a project and invoice all parties involved with ease. They help track our payable accounts and give metrics on other data that is vital to our operation.
Wave also offers online presence that is involved in real-time help. If you have questions they are eager to answer through online conversations/interaction. The Wave Reps always inquire to make sure you are satisfied.

A very grateful user,

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    Since our company started (we custom build micro/small business websites for under $600) just over two years ago and have grown 300% - WAVE has been there with us every step! Excellent service and program, we love WAVE.

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    PS. Thanks very much for starting this discussion @Ace !

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    Cheers @Ace and @webmaxdotca super thrilled you've decided to join us and can't wait to learn more about your businesses and to get to know you. 😊What would you say is the tool or insight you reference most often?

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    Thank you for asking Charlotte. I'm thinking plenty of folks will be surprised to hear the tool I use most often is....drum roll....ready? It's technology from the 1800's - the phone! YES the good 'ole telephone. Our clients, WebMax clients, are phone users - they are trades people, service people and construction, they communicate via telephone with their clients so stands to reason they prefer to use the phone with us. For insight "a business is a value delivery system", we find reminding ourselves of this little bit of advise helps set the day and re-set any client situation. You? How about you? What tool do you use most and what do you reference often?

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    CRM is a huge part of maintaining contracts in my business. I can say that we don't use software to manage this application at the moment. We are always exercising core principles in the delivery of satisfying projects with established, new, or potential clients. Communication is key.
    My records for days worked prior to running my own operation was 32 days straight on my former employer's timelog/payroll. When that is personally recognized by my inner-self I know I have what it takes to steer my business. A personal mantra on this recent start-up is, 'Every day is Monday.'

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    32 days Ace?! wowza! @Ace are you looking for CRM software recommendations? I know I have a few and I bet others in our community will too. Love the mantra, I'll add it to my list, thank you for that.

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    @webmaxdotca I'm curious to learn more about what CRM integrations you use.

    Additionally, @webmaxdotca @Ace I wonder if you'd give us the go-ahead to use excerpts from these posts on our site? We love to share stories of business owners' successes wherever we can. :)

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    Hello @Charlotte, please feel free to use any excerpts of our messages, we hope they help you, Wave & Wavers alike.
    CRM, the key to any CRM is... use it! :)
    There are so many CRM's out there that are fantastic and they don't have to be expensive - some are even free! Here is one we love
    I, nor my company,, would be the success we are today without our use of CRM. Quick story. When I started my company I made room each day, day-in-day-out for 25 stone-cold cold telephone calls. (Note: our target market likes telephone calls, your target market may not - key here is know your target market)
    Each call I made, even if the potential client said 'no' I would always ask if I could check back in 3 months to see if anything had changed.
    Invariably I would get a 'yes' (often to just nicely get me off the phone I'm sure).
    After 2 months my daily schedule in three months time was virtually full with call-backs. Funny thing happened, when I called those folks back, well, several indicated things had indeed changed and they needed either a website rebuild, entirely new website, a side-hustle website, search engine optimization and so on. Two things brought success: Making those phone calls each day, not letting anything get in the way of those calls, nothing. The other, the CRM! Ensuring all info was in the CRM about each call for the eventual followup was the thing that cinched it. Keeping the CRM updated, using the scheduler for the follow up, following up.
    Hope that helps. Have a great week.

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    Hi @Charlotte thank you for helping to recover the above :) much appreciated! and about integrations, we use sparingly, namely things like ability to download white papers etc. And just spotted on Twitter @WaveHQ tweet about a great 4 minute read on cold-calling (well done) &utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=bravely_may &utm_term=content_share&utm_content=call_a_stranger_part_four

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    Yes, treat my initial post as a testimonial. The more Wavers the better!

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    Agree 100% !!

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    They presently lack bulk invoice printing, so you should be aware of that. It gets to be a pain when you serve around 25 entities who insist on being billed by mail with recurring payments at around the same time of the month. Just a heads up. But other than that it's fantastic software.

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