Tracking receipts by client

jkojko Member Posts: 6

I am new to Wave, and run a consulting business. I want to be able to align receipts with specific clients. Does that exist? I haven't found a concept of tagging or a field to use for this. Thanks!


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    I usually use the export tool from Settings to keep a separate spreadsheet on goggle of receipts i've put in Wave and what client they were for so i can work it into my invoice prices, but agree this would be a cool feature :wink:

  • jkojko Member Posts: 6

    Add to this the ability to identify which receipts were reimbursed by clients and which were not; would make tax time simpler!

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @jko.

    @katiekats is right in saying there isn't an easy to keep track of those receipts. My recommendation would be to make unique expense accounts for each of your clients as a way to track of amounts. Once you get paid back (assuming these expenses are on your invoice), you can make a journal entry between that expense account, and your Sales account to remove what was owed.

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