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Good day. I would like to know whether more than**** two**** periods can be compared . I haven't seen this feature on wave and I suppose this need to be done manually via excel exports. Regards Marnus

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    Hi, @Marnus_20.

    There was a bit of a conversation on the same subject going on over here.

    While this isn't something Wave can do right now, it is being considered (specifically as spreadsheets). At this time, however, you'll have to make your own report for comparing more than two periods. You could use our reports as templates to easily combine reports for different periods.

  • Marnus_20Marnus_20 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for the feedback Alexia.

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    Hi @Marnus_20,

    Great Idea, thanks for the feedback. Would love to hear a bit more about how you'd like this feature to look. Would you like to see all months in tabular format as it is in app today? Or would an excel export better suit your needs? Another option would be to present the data visually in a chart, would this suit your needs?

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