Wave OAuth connecting error

ManishPatelManishPatel Member Posts: 12

Hello Wave team,

We have created a WordPress plugin “Wave Connector for WooCommerce” which has over 300 customers. We are using OAuth for connecting to Wave accounts, It’s working fine but suddenly it has been not working from 6, January 2022.
We checked it and we found the error is coming from your side. When we use OAuth for connecting to Wave account then after the completed the process we get “error 1020". Specially while hitting the /oauth2/token/ endpoint. We think it’s a Cloudflare issue.
Please can you check it and fix it asap because our customers face this issue and they are complaining to us.
Please check the attachment screenshot.
Also, check the curl code:

[redacted for privacy reasons]



  • HikeitnzHikeitnz Member Posts: 2

    Yes please WAVE, Please pay urgent attention to this issue as we really rely on this plugin from WPvenus.

  • numbersguynumbersguy Member Posts: 2

    Hello Wave, please fix this, I also use this plugin all the time.

  • ianscottgroupianscottgroup Member Posts: 6

    This is critical and I hope it gets resolved with the Wave Support team being able to provide some guidance or the ability to fix this.


  • ThomasBThomasB Member Posts: 3

    Following. This plug-in is currently integral to my operation. I hope it is able to be resolved quickly.

  • NhallNhall Member Posts: 2

    I hope this issue gets resolved soon! This is one of the plugins I rely on most for my business.

  • ianscottgroupianscottgroup Member Posts: 6

    Are there any updates on this issue??

  • PaulCPaulC Member Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Wave's API Systems team is aware of this issue and seeking a resolution.

    Rather than commenting into multiple threads, we are consolidating and updating our response in this main thread.

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