Recording Sales Tax Paid

scott99scott99 Member Posts: 3

Looking for input as to how others are recording sales taxes paid for business use items (generally not recoverable, at least in my state).

A couple scenarios prompted this...the first is when I receive a bill, such as my internet bill. There's a charge for service (non-taxable) and a charge for equipment least required by Comcast, which is taxable. Considering whether I should create a Sales Tax item...although it's really not a sales tax, but more of an expense in this particular transaction, so maybe create a sales tax account that's an operating expense type?

Second scenario is when purchasing mixed items retail (some recoverable, some not). I can split the receipt and add a recoverable tax to the appropriate items, but the items that aren't recoverable, again...split again and include a sales tax expense, or just include the tax for the non-recoverable items with them (ie...I buy a monitor for a customer (recoverable) and a flash drive for business use (non-recoverable)).

Looking for insights as to what others have done, and how it worked in your circumstance...


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