Please bring back the Receipt App

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Not happy with WAVE's new receipt process that took a simple 2-3 step at the point of sale capture taking 5s into 27 step process that minutes. It's really a new bizarre complex and non-productive process for small businesses. Removing automation is somehow good for small businesses (your stated customer base)...????

What the app did is allow your customers to discard the receipt at the point of purchase and get out of the receipt management business.... clearly, you did not understand how valuable this was and why so many people are still complaining about this.

Customer service, on multiple occasions, told us this was for our benefit and it would eliminate duplicate transactions. This was a total farse, your new process still creates duplicate transactions - how did this solve your stated business objective? The reality is that it didn't. So who thought this through? What executives bought into a failed process and didn't bother to see or call-out the obvious? Do they still have jobs?

What we requested (yes, I have it documented) was an auto reconcile or matching of receipts with downloaded transactions. We were even was willing to provide you with the 5 lines of code we wrote to do this matching - but were told no and it was too complex.

In summary, we still don't know the real reason why WAVE removed the app. Statements from WAVE don't jive with reality and still don't today. It's clear they did not understand why the receipt app WAVE was valuable to its customers. We still don't know if it was due to incompetence (at many levels of management) or for completely selfish reasons. There has been little-to-none official communication since, they have not made the very-poor replacement process any better, they haven't partnered with any other services to relieve the pain, they have not brought the receipt app back to life. Basically 6 months later and we know nothing and WAVE has done nothing. Based on all the complaints, we can only assume they don't care about their customers, our experiences, our pain points (ironically the ones that the WAVE team caused in the first place).

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