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WAVE is a great tool for businesses less than 2-3 years old. This fits with WAVE's business objectives and plans. The problem is your customers grow (99% of business owners want to grow their businesses) and WAVE isn't adding the services they need as they grow. This goal seems like a very limited value proposition to both your customers and your owner (H&R Block) and its shareholders.

Why not stay focused on updating the core features and outsourcing/integrating service like Tidl. Instead of creating apps like Tidl (that only has all 5-star reviews within the first 2 days of its release and nothing and nearly no installs) and removing the very valuable receipt app, why not survey customers and ask them for what they are willing to pay and charge them? I have 5 companies all outgrowing WAVE and have not received one survey about what we need to stay with a customer with you.... seriously - feels like your modis-operandi is "build it and they will come".

Instead of creating apps that could be initially offered through integrations with other companies focus on the core features that can't be outsourced. Very frustrating. And no the new receipt process was not a core service, which ironically stood you apart. ( your 27 step replacement process for a simple 2-3 step process within the app you removed is not a benefit to your customers.) Sales tax is another opportunity service we integration - 14,000 sales tax combinations in the USA alone!!
Companies should be wary of using wave and their inability to integrate automatic sale tax calculation- they could end up with penalties that will put them out of business. WAVE could offer and charge for a service that figures this out, or it could integrate with any of the dozen providers available. Again and disappointedly, WAVE has done neither.

**WAVE does not appear focused; in fact, it seems like it's scattered bained without a real product strategy. **No roadmaps or strategies that grow with its customers - at least none communicated with your customers.

Long story short, we're asking WAVE to charge $50/year so you can add the services required for your growing customers. At least offer a voluntary option - which we have offered but you have repeatedly declined. I

Why not use customers that are willing to pay for services to expand your services? Why not listen to your customers? Why not communicate with your customers? We are willing to advise and help you but it all seems to fall on deaf ears. **Why would WAVE expect any of its current customers to recommend WAVE to someone else when you don't even act like you are an advocate for more better services and automation? **If a business owner's goal is to grow their business and using WAVE is only going to result in headaches and eventual replacement of WAVE within a year or two, why start with WAVE? Why not use QuickBooks or ZoHo from the start - why not the best, at least they appear to try to listen and implement services..

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