WAVE SHADY $$ PRACTICES??? SHIFTED PAYDAY TO 1st of Jan, not 12/31/21

lexxonelexxone Member Posts: 4

I've been trying to process my payroll for a couple days now, but the payday shows 01/01/2022 instead of being 12/31/21. I cannot edit pay range (get an "issue calculating payroll) nor pay day (12/31 is an invalid date.)
Every past month I've had payday be the last day of the month. Why in this most important month is it shifted to 1/1/22? Tax implications abound for me.
Yes, there are holidays, but Wave's own documentation (year end checklist) says if I have it withdraw on 12/28, it will be paid on 12/31, and that same doc says the only holidays are 12/25 (Saturday) and 1/1 (also Saturday) - so why no payday on 12/31???
Oh - and customer support is closed until Tuesday, 12/28. Mave is a very useless bot in this scenario.
I'm fuming. Anyone else notice this? Anybody have a suggestion for a better cloud accounting software (where they don't play with your money like Wave?)

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