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It is so annoying that there is another click that has to be done on transactions. It doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever to have that in there. I obviously want to see the field when I've pushed the arrow. Having to click something else again is just a timesink and stupid,


  • highlevelwealthhighlevelwealth Member Posts: 13 ✭✭

    I agree completely. I don't upload receipts to my transactions so this recent UI change hasn't added any benefits to me but has doubled the number of clicks I need to make to see transaction details (something I want to do very frequently).

    Please reconsider this UI change or create a setting that allows us to use the old functionality if we do not need to see the "Upload receipt" menu item.

  • TDKTDK Member Posts: 6

    Unfortunately, it seems as though Wave is moving toward adding more clicks to do anything. With the large update in March, many others complained of the extra clicks required to perform the same functions as the previous version.
    Now, they've added yet another click. I keep clicking the arrow and waiting for the transaction details to pop up, only to then remember that I have to click "edit details" -- I'm rather disappointed.

    edited November 29, 2021
  • TLCINC_18TLCINC_18 Member Posts: 19

    I agree with this. @ Waves: You have essentially doubled the amount of clicks to get the same thing done. This is 100's of thousands of extra clicks over time. It sucks. It's annoying. It's not needed.

    Edit Item used to be 1 click. Now it's 2.

    If you want to feature Upload Receipts have an icon shortcut. But this click-to-drop down, then click again to edit has got to go.

    edited December 27, 2021

    tap tap - this thing on.

  • RickcoutureRickcouture Member Posts: 7

    AAARRRRGGHHHHH!!! WTF WAVE???!!! DOWN ARROW IS SUFFICIENT, WHY ANOTHER MENU? ANOTHER CLICK? JESUS. there is no need for the menu or time wasting clicks.

  • ReNeuReNeu Member Posts: 3

    I have to agree there is some clumsiness to getting to the edit screen. Still wish they would have kept the app for uploading receipts. Hard to complain when I get the use of this for free.

  • TLCINC_18TLCINC_18 Member Posts: 19

    Oh if you saw the amount of data they mine off you for "free use" it would make you barf. @ReNeu Waveapps is not free just cuz you don't pay $ directly. You are the product.

    Then there's the up-sell of book keepers, accountants, coaches, payroll. Not faulting them, it's a good business model. If the service didn't work for my needs I wouldn't use it.

  • HalHal Member Posts: 1

    The extra click is just friction.

    On the topic of data entry friction, some hotkeys and keyboard navigation would be great.

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