Cant See Sales Tax is Added to Transaction or not

JonJazzJonJazz Member Posts: 6

On the previous versions of Wave I could see if the sales tax had been applied to a transaction or not just by looking at the transaction page. Now I have to open each individual transaction to see if I have which is a bit annoying? Is there a way to enable this so I can see which transactions have the GST applied or not on the main view of the transaction page?

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  • GRFarmGRFarm Member Posts: 1

    This is a hugely annoying problem and makes it very time consuming to locate a missed sales tax inclusion and is most definitely a point that would make me move our growing business to a different platform.

  • igotnostringsigotnostrings Member Posts: 5

    Why isn't there a response to this post? This can't be something that is overwhelmingly hard to accomplish.

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