Payment on hold

Manolo7236Manolo7236 Member Posts: 1
I was paid almost $800 two days ago and my money has not been deposited into my bank. I have another $800 coming to me today. But I don’t want to use wave if I can’t access my money. Where is my money? And Where is customer support?!


  • Troy_RameyTroy_Ramey Member Posts: 1

    I'm in the same boat. Wave has disabled my account payments as my business is too risky for them. I understand and I'm okay with that, but they've had about $1000 for 121 days now. I can't get in touch with anyone either.

  • mdkoch84mdkoch84 Member Posts: 7

    This is good information. I was gonna setup my wife's biz on here, but might delay that.

  • 918Scott918Scott Member Posts: 5

    Customer service is terrible! You cannot call and talk to a human. Chatting is slower than dealing with any state department. Email is worse.

  • _Derek__Derek_ Member Posts: 62 ✭✭

    I decided not to bank with them. I work with many companies that use an ERP and in-which they push ETF payment to my account. WAVE support said they could support this. They also don't support wire transfers, a basic requirement of any small import/export business - Kind of ironic considering they have indicated they are focused on small business but still don't know what many small businesses require. Feels like they are building things without requirements or understanding their market.

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