UNREPORTED_DETAIL_TEXT All Over my Transactions

5KeysYoga5KeysYoga Member Posts: 1


I've been using Wave for nearly a decade and have not run into many issues. I have my business bank account connected to my account and transactions are automatically imported.

Over the last month and a half, I have had over 20 unexplained transactions that all say UNREPORTED_DETAIL_TEXT. These transactions are not on my bank statement and are all credits. For the most part, the credits are for the same amount as a debit that is made a few days before or after.

I know that I can just delete these credits but I would rather not have to do that long-term because first, it's cumbersome to do this for 10+ transactions per month, and second, I worry about mistakenly deleting a transaction that is accurate.

Any ideas about what I may be doing wrong or how to fix the issue?


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