saving vendor bills

ReNeuReNeu Member Posts: 2

Not sure this is worded correctly. If i make a cash purchase at a store I can save the receipts and upload them to the program so there is a picture stored. If I pickup material from a store where I have an account and pay off at the end of the month I find no way to add the invoice from them. This software seems beta in so many ways. I prefer to use the vendor as it shows my payable just thought I should be able to add a photo with is as well.


  • HelpIfICanHelpIfICan Member Posts: 16

    You go into Transactions>Add expense. Then you put in an Account and a Category, such as Business Checking and Purchases. The default mode is Edit but to the right, you have options for Notes and Receipt. Click on Receipt and upload the invoice attachment. This works whether you initially entered the info in Invoices or in Transactions, but you must add the receipt from Transactions.

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