Customer Status or Grouping (Tags)

teewrehteewreh Member Posts: 1

I would like to have the ability to segment customers. Some customer accounts go "inactive" but you may not want to delete them. Another use case would be grouping active customers.

I think this may be handled with something like tags. This allows Wave to be somewhat sector-proof. Any business can customize Wave to fit their needs. Either way, I think this would be a big help for an already great platform.


  • HelpIfICanHelpIfICan Member Posts: 16

    Those sound like good ideas. In the meantime, you can go to Reports and go to Income by Customer and put in a date range. That will tell you who your active customers are. Then you can go to Customers on the menu on the left and cross-check that list with active customers. You can also go to Customer>Activity and you'll see all the dates you had invoices for them. It would get pretty tedious if you have a lot of customers, though.

    The best option right now, I think, is to to go to invoices>All invoices. Then change the number per page to 50 and Click the customer heading at the top. That way you can see last activity at a glance. Of course, it's still a problem if you either have a lot of customers or a lot of invoices.

    On the other hand, it seems like you should be using a hardcopy solution to this, anyway. All your invoices should already be printed out. You could make copies of all invoices of last activity per customer and keep copies based on last month of activity. So Customer A is current, he's in the October file. Customer B is inactive, he's in the March file, and you can take actions, accordingly, little by little making your customers more current.

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