New 'field' for Products & Services

JoeBashamJoeBasham Member Posts: 1

I would like to see a new field added in Products & Services, to have a place to put the mfg or vendor part#, mostly in the "Purchases" area. More than one (1) would be even better, because I buy the same item from different vendors, and they have their own numbers I have to use.

Using the 'name' field doesn't work too well, because a 'widget' I buy might have an actual part# of XXX123456abc, and, of course, I'd never remember that number when creating invoices.

It doesn't need (don't want) it to show up on the invoice. Would just be a good reference when placing orders. :smile:


  • HelpIfICanHelpIfICan Member Posts: 16

    The only solution I can think of is pretty inartful. Say you buy widgets from Amazon and Ebay. You put "widgets" as a product you buy in Products and Services. In the First name field of each vendor you put in the vendor/mfg number for that part. That way you can see the number but it won't show up on the bill. This only works if you don't have many vendors or you don't tend to buy multiple parts from vendors. You can have the same vendor set up with multiple mfg #s this way but you'd have to tweak the names, i.e. Amazon 1, First Name field showing mfg #12345, Amazon 2, First name field showing mfg #56789. I told you it was inartful. If it were me, I'd just print out each bill and write the mfg# on my hardcopy. The rest of it is cumbersome.

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