Wave withholds your money even after you're approved

ChainliftChainlift Member Posts: 1

Hi everyone,

I just thought that the community should know that despite being granted approval for payments, having email receipts that my account's been approved, and multiple notifications from Wave Financial/Wave Apps saying "You just got paid!" I still have not received a single penny of those payouts, and I have been given no explanation.

As a freelancer working on a shoestring budget, I am now going to have to explain to my vendors and landlord why I cannot pay my bills or rent. This "hiccup" has placed me in serious financial jeopardy, and anyone considering Wave Financial or Wave Apps should be aware that there is no customer service phone number whatsoever, and their Live Chat is only available on business days 9-5 Eastern (very unfortunate if you're on the West coast).

Their UI looks sleek and modern, but should you trust them with your money? I thought the complaints I'd read were the odd ones out, and surely it wouldn't happen to me, yet here I am falling behind on work because I've got to spend yet another morning on customer support, trying to get this resolved for the 3rd time (even though it's already been approved, allegedly).

Strongly recommend considering alternatives if you would like "approved" to mean "approved."

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