Connection with US Bank won't work

cluckbucketcluckbucket Member Posts: 3

I'm attempting to connect with US Bank and can't seem to get it to work. After I put in my credentials I get a note from Plaid that says "action required with your account" (see screenshot). I hit continue, go to US Bank and log in successfully, then return but nothing happens. I have been able to successfully connect my US Bank account with another service provider (Personal Capital). Any suggestions of what might be going on or what I need to do differently?


  • cluckbucketcluckbucket Member Posts: 3

    This resolved itself, must have just been some weekend system issue. Disregard this post!

  • WaltWalt Member Posts: 5

    I'm getting the same issues when trying to connect to US Bank. Action required with your account, Log in to your bank and update your account. Then, return to Plaid to continue. Do I need to set up an account with Plaid first?

  • cluckbucketcluckbucket Member Posts: 3

    I didn't need to, it just sorta automatically resolved itself after the weekend.

  • WaltWalt Member Posts: 5

    Hopefully, it will work itself out. Thanks for the reply.

  • WaltWalt Member Posts: 5

    It just started working on its own, it did take a few days, but it is working now. It did pop up and ask for 2-factor authentication by asking for a 6 digit code it sent to my mobile phone. If anyone else is having this problem just wait a few days and try to connect again.

  • sidlinellcsidlinellc Member Posts: 1

    I have been having this same issue for the past week - Plaid won't connect to US Bank. I know some banks have a "switch" to enable 3rd party interactions, but apparently this is not the case for US Bank. I also setup a PayPal account essentially to test the theory, and PayPal connected with US Bank without issue (it throws up a challenge question during authentication, that so far Wave isn't doing). It's not clearing up for me, so hopefully someone at Wave can explain what's what.

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