Integromat won't create invoices without a Sales Tax

TimmelleMusicTimmelleMusic Member Posts: 1

Hi! I'm attempting to create an automatic invoice creation integration via integromat. I keep getting an error saying the sales tax was undefined or not found etc. I don't want to add a sales tax to this particular invoice. Is there a workaround?


  • KieronBKieronB Member Posts: 13 admin

    Hi @TimmelleMusic

    Unfortunately, the Wave Integromat integration is owned and managed by Integromat, and Wave doesn't have any insight into how it works and which fields may be required. It looks like you could open a ticket with Integromat and ask them if it's possible to create an invoice without sales tax.

    On the Wave side of things, invoices are not required to have sales tax, but it's possible that it's a required field within Integromat.

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