Paying Vendors - Manual Payment, Payroll, and Statement of Earnings

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I recently setup a vendor and have received two bills. The first bill was paid manually via an ACH bank payment. The second bill was paid via payroll.

When I view the Statement of Earnings for the vendor, the year-to-date value only includes the bill paid via payroll.

What steps do I need to take for the first bill to be included in year-to-date earnings?

Information about the first bill:

The bill was marked as manually paid using the "Pay Contractor" link on the bill with the following options:

  • Record a manual payment
  • Payment Method: Bank Payment
  • Payment Account: Checking Account

For the payment account, there's an option to use "Wave Payroll Clearing".

What's the correct way to record a manual payment and connect it to payroll so it appears in the year-to-date Statement of Earnings?

Thank you!


To clarify why I'm asking, I'll be providing a 1099 to the vendor at year end and want to make sure that the manual payment is included in the 1099 amount (I didn't find any reports other than the SoE that showed how much a vendor has been paid YTD).

Is that how it is intended to work? Or is reporting the manual payment the responsibility of the vendor?

Thanks again!

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