Wave is holding on to my funds for more than a month. Horrible customer service

NxelizabethNxelizabeth Member Posts: 1

I have been with Wave for years. Only 1 client has ever requested a chargeback. They rescinding that chargeback. Their credit card holder released the chargeback over a month ago. I have sent Wave the documentation from the credit card company that they reversed it and the case has been closed.

Wave keeps on asking ME to contact the clients credit card company to request a letter explicitly stating that it has been closed...which I already did.

I have gone through INTENSE frustration with the client over this.

Wave must do their job as a merchant services and follow through on this.

Because based on what I am seeing is that they are great at accepting payments but the process severely fails with anything other that a successful transaction.

All businesses have a few transactions with hiccups and they can be resolved normally. But there is nothing normal about how Wave manages it.

They are still holding onto my businesses money with no legitimate reason to.

I spoke to Discover myself with the client and they said specifically that Wave must contact them. The message I received from Wave was that was not their policy. It is not the policy of Wave to directly contact the credit card company because they are a 3rd party. So Discover is not responding to them through the "chargeback app" while Wave won't call them to verify the reversal.

It is a stalemate and no one will simply contact the other to verify.

I will be closing this account.

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