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Sometimes my customers owe a statement balance. They have an unpaid balance from last month and a new invoice this month. When they pay by credit card, some of them will pay the statement balance. However, the accounting software does not distribute the balance paid among the open invoices. Instead, it will apply the amount paid to one invoice if that is what the customer chose. This creates a credit balance for the invoice the payment was applied to while the other invoice appears to be unpaid. If I look at my accounts receivable list, I will only see that the customer hasn't paid the invoice even though they intended to by applying the entire statement balance to one invoice.

I have had more than one customer do this. I don't catch the problem until I open their account for a different reason, and I see some credit balances. This is a problem.

Please address this in the following ways:
1. Allow credit balances to show up on the accounts receivable list. I use this list to decide who I send statements to. If I see an unpaid invoice, I send a statement. However, if I saw that another invoice had a credit balance for the same amount owed on the unpaid invoice, I would realize they made a credit card payment for a statement balance and applied it entirely to one invoice. Credit balances don't show up on the accounts receivable list, but they credit balances still exist in the system.
2. When customers pay by credit card, allow them to select more than one invoice to apply the payment to. Allow them to make one payment that can be applied to multiple open invoices.

We desperately need this fix. My last accounting system allowed for credit balances . Wave needs to make this fix. Please....

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