Creating one invoice to be payable in phases

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I would like to create one invoice for my client that reflects 60% payment required upfront. On completion, i will send him the same invoice (ie the same invoice number) which reflects the balance payment, ie 40%, payable. How do i do this?


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    Hi, @JayGee.

    I would recommend sending an estimate that mentions you require a deposit of 60% of the amount of the invoice in advance. Once you receive it, you would handle it like as outlined in the first part of this article.

    It wouldn't be exactly accurate to send an invoice before you've done the work (since the money isn't technically owed yet), but you could just send an invoice for the total amount and mention that you require a payment of 60% upfront. Once you get that payment, you can record it on the invoice. Once the job is done, you can just send the invoice again, and get a payment for the rest. The invoice will show what has been already paid and what remains. You might have to play around with the due date for that invoice, but it would work.

  • JayGeeJayGee Member Posts: 5

    Thanks for this!

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Happy to help!

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