Tidal App?!?

HighPerComHighPerCom Member Posts: 6
So this looks pretty interesting! I'm a little bit concerned about who they (tidl) is, or what company owns it? I did install the app but until I know more about it even though this was recommended through the wave community (by tidl) I'm not 100% sure about this. Can I get some more information about the company? Thanks!


  • paulpatpaulpat Member Posts: 19

    Agreed. On the face of it, it would certainly fulfill a need within Wave. But I would need to know much more before bringing it into my company. Who is Tidl? Where is it based? Privacy / data collection policy? How do they make money? Mobile apps only? There is nothing on their website. Why did they message me today?

  • HighPerComHighPerCom Member Posts: 6
    They sent me a private message but they didn't completely answer my questions. They still didn't tell me what company they are. They did however mention a monthly fee which isn't mentioned anywhere that I'm aware of. I'm sure if you start using it you'll find out but I haven't even started using it because I don't know who these people are! Going to contact wave directly and express my concerns! Also reporting them to the IRS because I'm not sure they're running their "business" legally. I probably wouldn't spend time doing all that if they hadn't wasted my time in the first place, bit more transparent, and had a working way to contact them on their website.

    Here's what they sent me in a message:

    "Tidl was built by a group of Wave users who were looking for a way to capture time (and maybe expense in the future) information for billable work. Wave released an API to allow apps like this to be built, so we set out to build it as we are a technology consulting company. We built it for ourselves and decided to release it to the App Store and Google Play so that others can use it. As we invested our own time (and costs) into building it, we charge a small monthly or annual fee for usage. Does that answer your concerns?"
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