Credit card payments

jwalter007jwalter007 Member Posts: 10

Normally, when I see a credit card payment in my transaction list, I select it where it says uncategorized expenses, then I choose transfer to credit card. Then it shows the matching credit card and I select that which then connects them and I can jit the check mark for both.
Lately, it has not been showing the matching CC amount, so I don't know what to do with that. Some payments do, but many do not. Now I have a whole bunch of unchecked payments.
I dont know how that effects everything else.


  • CKBCKB Member Posts: 1

    I am having the same problem.

  • jwalter007jwalter007 Member Posts: 10

    Its unfortunate that there isnt a way to get help when something like this comes up. With an issue like this, it kind of makes the whole software unusable.
    I realize its free and all, but they should provide some way to receive support even if its a paid per instance option or something like that. In know they have have a paid payroll system where they offer support, but that doesnt apply to ppl in my situation.

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