Manual Refund Processing Refused, Inaccurate Info Given by Support

TimACATimACA Member Posts: 2

I needed to process our first refund of a credit card payment made in wave payments in all our time using the service (since 2019). To my surprise when I go to click the button I'm given a message that I cannot process it. Off to chat bot and support I go. I find out it must be done manually, and a support ticket is created with assurances it would be processed the next day (ticket #1513366).

Today (one business day later) I am greeted with a one line message stating they could not perform the refund because there are insufficient funds in the payment account, and I will have to make the refund outside of wave. I immediately (ok, it was 6 minutes according to my email logs) responded to inform them that no, that is not correct. The funds are sitting in the account since they were deposited in the payout. The account balance is more than sufficient to refund.

Furthermore I know that no attempt to retrieve the funds was performed, because I have in place with my bank an ACH approval block. Any ACH withdrawal request would be logged for my confirmation, and any unconfirmed or blocked ones would be visible in my ACH review dashboard. There are no ACH attempts shown, from any requester, since I submitted the refund request.

The suggestion I make the payment outside wave does not account for the $445.36 processing fee withheld by wave payments. Am I to just eat that cost? Is my client?

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