Bookkeeping and third party transactions

WilliWilli Member Posts: 1

This probably a basic accounting principle and is probably explained everywhere on the internet but because of what I assume is a lack of proper vocabulary to describe the question, I couldn't find the answer...

We are nonprofit and we use Eventbrite to sell tickets. Do I have record every ticket sale individually in our books or I can simply record the transfers from Eventbrite to our bank account?

If we do have to record them individually, what is the best way of doing it? I created an account in Wave called Eventbrite to record individual transactions but I have a hard time importing them, since Eventbrite doesn't seem to provide reports for net sales. Do I have to account for Eventbrite fees separately as well?

Sorry again, I have no background in accounting and we have no accountant at the moment, I need to do this myself for the time being.


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