Clarification around making a wage adjustment

LukeDLukeD Member Posts: 1


I need to add some missed time from last pay period to an employee's next pay. I see that I can add a "Wage Adjustment" benefit to the employee but I'm not 100% certain of how this would work. The description states: "Adjustment to payroll wages. Vacation is accrued as per your vacation policy." — but that's not 100% clear for my situation... let me explain.


Let's say my employee, Rob, gets paid $15/h and I need to add 13 hours of missed pay to his next pay. Vacation pay is set to pay out 4% each pay — not accrued.

Questions I have

  • How do I calculate how much to add? Is it just his gross pay (excluding vacation pay): $15 x 13h = $195?
  • The Wage Adjustment description mentions that vacation pay will be accrued according to our vacation policy, but we don't accrue vacation pay — we pay it out. Will Wave automatically calculate and add on the extra 4% vacation pay?
  • How does this affect stat holiday pay? Since there were shifts missed, how does the wage adjustment affect stat holiday pay calculation?


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