Description needs more room in Transaction Table

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Firstly, thank you Wave for the fantastic software. Reconciliation, search and filtering makes life so much easier.

Table column spacing configuration isn't providing a good workflow:

Good: Amount, date and actions columns are fixed and do not expand to waste horizontal space. (thank you)

a.) Description, Account & Category are all expand in even 3rds (33%-33%-33%). The description on statements are often much longer than a category and sometimes we need to see more.

b.) The table only expands to a set limit which means large screens which could provide more info cannot do so. (This can be replicated by browser zooming out on smaller displays which could be theoretical also help with the function.)

Why important?
The purpose of the Transactions page is to reconcile and do it as efficiently as possible. This means the foremost importance should be of seeing the description.

a.) Adjust the bias of the 3 columns of Description, Account & Category to 60-20-20.
b.) remove the horizontal limit of expansion to give us more workspace to see description details.

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