AdriannaAdrianna Member Posts: 1

my time is doubled or tripled now that I have to manually enter EVERY detail of my receipts. please bring it back


  • midwest_kcmidwest_kc Member Posts: 12 ✭✭

    At the very minimum, I should be able to use the app, that is already developed, snap a pic and post to accounting. Then, I can fill in the details later. This would be such an easy fix to appease more people, and cost them nothing.

  • FAAFAA Member Posts: 1

    Seriously, why is the receipt app feature removed????
    I have bills that I need to account for before the payment passes. What happens if I get a bill on Dec. 31st (before the year-end) and only pay Jan 31st??? I have accrual accounting!!! How can I capture accurate sales tax on a bill if I can only account for it after the transaction passes??!?!?
    So deeply disappointed in Wave Accounting. Please bring back Wave receipts feature !!!

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