Receipt App replacement fail

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Still disappointed in the new Receipt app replacement. An "enchancement" is not one that remove's AI process for manual processing and then and turns a simple 3 step process in 12 or more.

More disappointingly:

  • It doesn't feel that WAVE took the time to proactively understand it's customers, their use of the receipt app and develop a proper customer focused requirements and solution.
  • Didn't understand that most users used the receipt app to quickly and easily capture receipts at the point of purchase so we don't have be in the business of manage receipts.
  • Didn't understand that it's customers use this in front of clients and turning a 5s process into one that takes several minutes doesn't make us look good in front of clients.
  • WAVE could have charged for this service to cover costs - but did not.
  • WAVE could have partnered with a company whom specializes in receipt capture - but did not.
  • WAVE could have listened to customer ideas on how to solve the "duplicate transactions" issue (which is actually a really simple problem) - which many of us have been told is the primary reason for the termination of the receipt app.

If WAVE determined this was not this primary business and wanted out of the receipt business, it could approached this 1000 other better ways than make its customers struggle with ill thought-out processes like this.

This change of the receipt app has all the tell-tail signs of a self-serving / self-dealing "enhancement" (an internal "win") with business blinders on without the resources to full understand how it would affect its customer or its own business.

I own 5 companies that use WAVE paying services in which WAVE makes good revenue from. But WAVE ignored ALL of their ideas and thoughts on this. We were even voluntarily willing to pay a fee like QB but it was rejected multipole times. Our sales staff are really frustrated with receipts now, our accounts are frustrated with some of the limitations and no "public" roadmap.

Yes, people are negative and moving or considering a move to QB (aw we are too) - but that is totally expected when you don't listen and dictate solutions to customers.

Yes, I laid into WAVE management and product manager(s) but here are suggestions to make things better:

  • Think customer first - an internal win is a win for the customer as well
  • Listen to your customers (seems to be a build it and they will come approach lately)
  • Stop with the scatter of new "services" that are limited and subpar and focus on doing a few things right.
  • Finally - Get the receipt app back online or produce a replacement quick like.


  • _Derek__Derek_ Member Posts: 43 ✭✭

    I also have been told three times now that the primary reason for this change was because of duplicate transactions that are created.
    The ironic part of this justification based on what you implemented is it doesn't actually solve this problem. We create a transaction with the receipt and then get another when the transaction imported from the credit card company.
    This solution did not solve the stated problem. This so called "enhanced" solution did nothing but actually reduced functionality, removed the AI, and created more work while making us look bad in front of our clients.
    I have no idea who sold this to management as a win for the customer. Again - had to be some internal win as the expense of the customer.

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