Googlesheets add-on download function not working

MadeleineEgyptMadeleineEgypt Member Posts: 2

Hi it's been several weeks now I am attempting to download my invoice data in order to migrate to Zoho books, I'm using the google sheets add on and it's not working. Have tried it on google chrome and explorer, cleared the cache, launched it in incognito mode but the same problem comes back.

Download for the customers, products and accounts was successful but the invoices will either never start downloading or the process will freeze after a certain number of invoices and then disappear.


  • dacklanddackland Member, Moderator Posts: 15 admin

    Hi @MadeleineEgypt , sorry to hear you're having trouble with Wave Connect. Do you see any progress indication under the download button? Eg.

    If so, would you be able to confirm how many invoices you're trying to download? In rare circumstances, we've heard of Google Sheets freezing while attempting to process large amounts of data.

  • MadeleineEgyptMadeleineEgypt Member Posts: 2

    Hi @dackland , yes the process will start and show the indicator, then freeze when reaching a certain invoice (never the same one) and disappear completely after a few minutes of freezing. I am trying to download a large amount of invoices, I have 1171 until now.

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  • dacklanddackland Member, Moderator Posts: 15 admin

    Hi @MadeleineEgypt ,

    This does sound similar to a few other cases of large downloads freezing while using Wave Connect. We'll look into this soon and see what can be done to prevent the process from freezing.

  • CarpetGuru_254CarpetGuru_254 Member Posts: 4

    Hi @dackland , as a follow up on the freezing issue, have you been able to find a solution for it? I have also been trying to download my Invoices and data items /Invoices and payments but the freezing just persists each time.....Kindly assist at your earliest convenience.

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