Accounting for PayPal transaction fees with manual imports

JSCJSC Member Posts: 9

I'm manually importing PayPal transactions into Wave by downloading monthly statements from PayPal, formatting them, then importing in Wave, which is not ideal, but works at least.

However, I need a more efficient way to account for the PayPal transaction fees.

Currently, PayPal statements .csv files are formatted so that all PayPal fees fall on the same row as a payments received.

What's the best way to account for the fee?

Previously, I would run the entire import for all transactions, then I'd have to manually go back through each payment received transaction in Wave that had a fee. I would then manually split each one of these transactions into two separate transactions: 1) for the payment received and 2) for the fee. This process if very tedious and invites accounting errors.

Would it be better to separate the rows in the .csv manually before import? This would be very tedious as well.

Is there a better way to accomplish this?

BTW, I tried using the Wave Connect add-on for google sheets, but it doesn't work. It just gets hung up on the 2nd validate step.


  • carmenfcarmenf Member Posts: 5

    Same problem here!!! And going crazy to solve it out

  • alentoalento Member Posts: 4

    The fees are already separated into it's own column ...

    I import twice. First the transactions, then the fees. It is simple to sort and delete the extraneous info. You do have to rename the column though.

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