[Video] Attaching receipts to transactions in Wave



  • OddieOddie Member Posts: 1

    Now I have a problem - my receipts are no longer read by the app which DRAMATICALLY increases my data entry time for adding receipts. Love the new features in receipts that let me control them a bit better, but that was never a problem I had. Previously I just had to eyeball it to make sure everything imported correctly. Now I have to enter it all manually. Super disappointing. Looking for an alternative accounting app. Hope this gets sorted.

    Is there a way to access the old receipts system? At least for uploading and scanning receipts into the system?

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  • SpokaneFiberCleanSpokaneFiberClean Member Posts: 8
    This is the biggest load of crap I've seen from Wave. How can taking a photo with a phone, then uploading to a cloud, then opening a web browser, then logging onto our account and manually entering all the data be at all easier. I'll answer that...is is NOT easier!

    FYI, I'm currently looking for new accounting software.

    Wave you've committed suicide by doing this...people will continue to leave your program unless you reverse these decisions.
  • UmanngUmanng Member Posts: 1

    Is XERO the best option? What software are you guys switching to?

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