Once again my bank transactions are not importing!

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I am with BMO and it has been many days since transactions imported into wave. Now in Wave it does not even show when the last import took place (It looks like that feature was removed). Please help; this is a big problem wave. I really like how wave works but Plaid does such a poor job as your data aggregator that I deter anyone who asks about wave from using it. I would really like to be able to recommend wave but I just can't do it with a good conscience until the non stop bank importing problems are fixed

Please help wave. I really need this to work.

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  • DarenDaren Member Posts: 36 ✭✭

    Still not working. Please help wave!

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    Hey there @Daren !

    For full transparency, BMO has been experiencing widespread connectivity issues that prevents users from establishing an initial connection and importing transactions into Wave. That said, our data aggregator is already aware of the issue and is has been working to get that resolved as soon as possible with BMO. During that time, they removed the connection completely but they have since resumed the connection as it was working again. However, as of today, the connection is still experiencing issues and is unstable. If you'd like, you can try deleting your connection and re-adding it to see if this resolves your issue. Otherwise, you can use one of our manual options to import your transactions in the meantime. You can learn more about them below.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Hi @JulianP

    Has this problem been rectified yet?


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    I did try and delete and reconnect and the reconnection does not work.

    For full transparency PLAID has SUCKED since you went with them on day one. Please go back to the old data aggregator as there were no problems then. PLAID is terrible and tarnishes the great accounting program you have all worked so hard on.

    A frustrated user of Wave

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    I tried again today to connect my account and noticed that plaid is not even listing BMO as a bank option anymore. Really? Did they just give up?

    How many times does PLAID have to epically fail before wave realizes that they are a terrible choice to be partnered with?

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