Why does Wave create an “expense”of the exact same invoice amount, right after it is paid?

ChevassusChevassus Member Posts: 1
Apologies for the rookie question, but I’ve searched everywhere I can’t seem to find the answer.

- The problem:
There is an “expense” auto-created (I.e. not a transaction from my bank) for an invoice amount. Why is this?

- Example:
- On June 8, a client pays an invoice and $338.58 is deposited as income. Great.
- But then June 9 rolls around and there is a sudden $338.58 expense that Wave creates.

Wave puts in the description “Transfer from Wave Payments to your bank account.” But this doesn’t make any sense. (Again... this expense is not reflected in my bank account. It’s only in Wave.)

Why is Wave randomly putting expenses in my transactions? Sure I can delete this, but will I have to delete this made up expense (‘transfer’) for every single invoice paid from here on out?

Thank you for any direction or ideas!
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