Customers Page won't load

walter_omeili2021walter_omeili2021 Member Posts: 1

Good day all, my name is Walter.

I have been using wave app for almost 1 year now and the app has been fantastic. But lately I observed that the CUSTOMERS page will not load even when all other pages will load and function well.

Please help me with ideas on how to solve this problem.


  • FixItDikFixItDik Member Posts: 6

    Hi Walter, I am seeing the same issue BUT only for one customer - I found that this customer only had one invoice which I had deleted (as the customer did not want to order the service for a little while - so wanted to stay on the books). This appears to be the cause for me because as soon as I created an invoice for them the page loaded fine - does this sound like a possible cause for you?

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  • FixItDikFixItDik Member Posts: 6

    PS - This is still a bug - I am just providing my input to help the Wave team investigate the cause. I have tried to reproduce the error but not been able to - perhaps you could post a screenshot of the page for the support team to see the page with no customer data shown? Mine had the blue "Special offer" box across the top of the main panel and the navigation bar down the left but the rest of the page was just blank white space.

  • KiahDKiahD Administrator Posts: 267 admin

    Hey @walter_omeili2021 and @FixItDik ,

    Thank you for providing further context here! A screenshot would definitely be helpful if you can provide it, as I wasn't able to reproduce the error that you're seeing on my end, for the entire customer page or for one customer with a deleted invoice.

    As this is the case, could you please also try some browser troubleshooting as a first step?

    • Ensure you're using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
    • Try using Wave with browser extensions disabled
    • Try opening up an incognito/private browsing window, logging into your Wave account, and opening the page again
    • Clear your cache and cookies.

    If you are still having problems after trying out these steps, please thread below, and we can troubleshoot further :smile:

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