Signatures on Receipts Healthcare Providers (needed for insurance)

TorontoPsychologistTorontoPsychologist Member Posts: 4

This topic has come up in the past with no further updates. Most healthcare providers, including psychologists, need to give patients a signed receipt for it to be accepted by their insurance companies. Currently I have to manually export the receipt as PDF, add a signature, then email. Can you add this as a feature or is there a way to automate it?



  • KiahDKiahD Administrator Posts: 267 admin

    Hi @TorontoPsychologist ,

    I just replied to your comment in a separate thread on this topic, and it looks like we came to the same conclusion on the workaround here!

    Besides this workaround, we don't currently have a feature that supports adding signatures to receipts I'm afraid, however I do understand why this is important to you, and I appreciate you bringing it to our attention. I can't guarantee if or when it will be implemented, but feel free to reach back out for an update on whether it is on our current roadmap!

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