Flat Rate Tax

Upper90Upper90 Member Posts: 4

Is there a way to add a non percentage based tax to an invoice?

We run a Short Term rental and the state of Ga recently incorporated a nightly Sales tax of $5 a night on top of the 6% Sales tax they collect.

I know I could just create it as a line item I guess but is there a way to list this as a tax so that it shows in the appropriate place on the invoice and all the tax reports?



  • KiahDKiahD Administrator Posts: 267 admin

    Hey @Upper90 , it looks like your question has been answered via chat with our Support Team! That said, feel free to thread below if you're still in need of assistance here.

  • Upper90Upper90 Member Posts: 4

    Shouldn't you share the solution you guys came with here so other people can learn from the experience isn't that the point of a tech support forum?

    If anyone else has this issue. Their reply was basically it isn't supported. You will have to add the charge as an income line item, because line items on invoices can only be assigned to income accounts. Then after the fact you have to make a journal entry to move the funds from the income account into a tax account.

    Very ineffecient to my workflow. Don't understand why it would be so hard to allow line items to be assigned to any type of account. Guess it is just easier to close the case then actually look at the problem.

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