Freely attach any uploaded receipt to a transaction (both expense and income)

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Right now, the option I have is to upload the receipt and verify it. It then will create an expense transaction for me. I will have to merge this transaction with another transaction that is downloaded via my bank connection.

Occasionally, I found I made a mistake that I merged the wrong transactions (expense amount happens to be the same), so I later deleted the transactions and re-added it back. Now, the receipt is still there, but it is already "verified", I cannot link this receipt with my manually entered transaction anymore. I will have to delete that uploaded receipt, and re-upload it again. Once I have this receipt verified, I will get the transactions to merge.

Can't we have the ability to freely attach any receipt with existing transactions? Sometime, I want to attach a single receipt with multiple transactions because I have paid once for 2 different purposes. I want to keep the transactions separated to track them.

I don't really need the feature to automatically create a new transaction when verifying a receipt. That could be an optional feature selected by the users (giving a checkbox on the upload dialog?) I do appreciate if from the receipt page, I can select any receipt menu and say "link this receipt to a transaction".

Also, for sometime, I have got a receipt that I deposited some money into my account, that would become an income transaction showing up on my page. I don't have the receipt for that deposit (in this case it is not an expense). How can I link a receipt with my income transaction?

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    Hi @chj915.

    Thanks for your feedback! We are looking into making the workflow for merging transactions created from invoices, receipts and bills to ones imported from your bank much easier. So that should help with this process for now.

    As for receipts for income transaction, can you elaborate a bit on this? In what specific situation would you have a receipt for an income, rather than an invoice?

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    I think there is a concept and expectation mismatch here.

    The "Receipt" section might initially be created to track the "expense receipt" only, but over the time, when we upload a piece of evidence that can be attached or associated with a specific transaction, as a user I wish to make this "receipt" concept generic (not exclusive to be on Expense). It should be applicable for any transactions: Expense or Income.

    Not all the income transaction is originated from my Invoice. Sometime there might be extra investment funds coming from a third-party entity. I don't issue invoice to them. But I do want to track the transaction by attaching a specific evidence such as the bank deposit slip. For example, someone deposited a $1000 dollars to my business account as investment, there will be a transaction showing up on my page via the Bank Connection update. That investor has only one piece of evidence to prove that he/she has deposited that amount of money. It is not my receipt for expense nor an invoice for a client.

    I wish the receipt upload does not force me to create an expense, but allow me to freely attach it with any of my transactions: Expense or Income.

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    Hi. @chj915.

    So what you would like to see is simply the ability to attach images to any transactions? I can see how the ability to add pictures to any transactions could be useful, especially from an auditing standpoint.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    If you'd like to do something like this immediately, you could upload a file to Google Drive or Dropbox and put a link to that file in the related transaction's note section.

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    If choosing external storage and attach a link in the transaction note, that would make WAVE's receipt section obsolete. We might just use that appraoch for any transactions. Besides, use WAVE receipts for some transactions, and use Google Drive / Dropbox for some other transactions, that would allow the accounting record data allocated in multiple places and hard to maintain the integrity.

    I just feel that today's receipt is basically for "Expense" only, but why would we limit it so? Can't we just use it as generic "Transaction Receipt"? Not every transact must have a receipt attached to, but every receipt could be attached to any transactions (zero to multiple transactions per receipt).

    There should be no dependancy between Transaction and Receipt. Both should be independant entity, and their entity keys should be associated freely but not required, definitely not restricted to certain transaction.

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  • atelierfinezzeatelierfinezze Member Posts: 4

    I've been wondering about this today actually. If the user could upload printed deposit receipts from an ATM or bank branch into Receipts, income could be tracked as well as expenses.

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    While I can't make any guarantees, I'll make sure to bring this to the attention of the right people.

    Thank you both for providing your feedback!

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    The fact that I now have to create transactions in order to merge receipts is pretty frustrating. If you want to keep the reconciliation pro of not allowing me to actually split into multiple transactions, the fix seems simple: Allow for multiple receipts to merge to a single wave transaction as long as they sum to an amount equal equal to that transaction. PLEASE do something. This is hugely inconvenient relative to the previous format.

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    I totally agree. As an IT company, services are paid via credit card and we ALWAYS have loss on FX. I cannot merge the receipt and the Loss on FX with the receipt... Pretty inconvenient!

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    i recently try out wave and can't believe this is not available. there is a big gap here

  • chj915chj915 Member Posts: 39 ✭✭

    It really depends on how WAVE values this suggestion. To me, it is pretty useful if I can attach any receipt to any transaction.

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    Hi @jasonpham80 @chj915 . Thanks for this feedback, we hear you both loud and clear. This is a feature that we're often discussing and continuously returning to as to determine whether or not we can fit it into our immediate future plans. At the moment, we do not have immediate plans for it but we will continue to discuss and return to this feature request (as we've done in the past) in the future.

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    Something went wrong while loading your report.
    Can you help me? when i open report aged receivables it show "Something went wrong while loading your report".
    Actually, this is just happen
    This is not working for 48hours ago.
    Thank you

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Member Posts: 452 ✭✭✭

    @Lien from a glance, this sounds like you'd benefit from some standard browser troubleshooting as a start. A lot of the time, this can be fixed by tweaking some things in your browser. Wave supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. I also recommend that you try using Wave with browser extensions disabled. If you have Chrome, try opening up an incognito window, logging into your Wave account, and try again (or if you have Firefox, open a private browsing window).

    If that doesn't work, you may also need to clear your cache and cookies. You can read more about the browsers we support, and how to troubleshoot issues for your individual browser here. Please update this thread to let us all know how this goes!

  • LienLien Member Posts: 4

    Hi, thank for you reply. well i already try to open in incognito, new private mode in all browser still the same. Then i follow to clear all history also cache in my browser.
    My aged receivables report cannot be display, and state Something went wrong while loading your report. This is major problem for me to report my duty, and dont know how to fix it ;(.
    Actually i have another user id for different business, but with same Pc and browser i can open the report.
    Thank you

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hey @Lien. I just wanted to confirm with you -- on the other verified email address you were able to load the Aged Receivables report? For the email address where it's failing, could you please attach a screenshot of what you are seeing for the report when you click on it (and include the URL if possible).

  • LienLien Member Posts: 4
    Hi @JamieD sure.
    This is .
    How to attach screenshot in here?
    Thank you
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    @Lien you can add a screenshot by clicking the image tab when leaving a comment; I've attached a meta screenshot for reference! I'm also going to edit your above message to omit your email address, as that's sensitive personal info that shouldn't be shared on a public forum.

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    I agree. I frequently have two-sides receipts that cannot be attached to a single transaction. My local auto parts store issues receipts in this format. Would be nice to be able to associate multiple receipt images to a single transaction.

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    The ability to add (multiple) file attachments to any and every transaction is critical. For income transactions, this could include things such as a contract signed by the customer, a related quotation, a picture of a job site, etc. For expense transactions receipts are obvious, but so are original invoices, contracts. The same of course is true for any journal entry (e.g. a spreadsheet with a depreciation schedule showing how the calculation was made based on the depreciation method). By extension, adding attachments to customer and vendor records would be helpful (e.g. copy of lease in supplier record for landlord).
    QBO has this and it was a huge timesaver when, at later date, it became necessary to identify a related document. Also for audits (both financial and tax), this greatly simplifies the vouchering and proofing process.
    I'd suggest this is the #1 most important feature to add to Wave. For me, everything else is a nice-to-have, but being able to drag and drop an attachment file (or several) onto a transaction is reason alone to pay for QBO vs. use Wave for free (and I am no fan of QBO and greatly prefer Wave but for this deficiency).

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