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  • phoneticsoundphoneticsound Member Posts: 1

    What happened to receipts!??
    Why can't I add receipts anymore ? It was working perfectly, now I have to enter every detail on the app manually!
    I tried the other wave app and there are NO receipt options in it at all!! But this support site keeps saying you can add receipts in the app!?
    not true so far!

  • AA7AA7 Member Posts: 2
    I thought I was missing something when I couldn’t automatically upload receipt and transaction as before but it looks like Wave has removed one of its best feature!!!! Really disappointed.

    I can understand if this feature is expensive to maintain but it would have been great to give subscribers an option to pay for the service instead of removing it altogether under disguise of ‘upgrade’. I am sure most of the subscribers will be happy to pay for that service if you want to put that back on.
  • RussellCabournRussellCabourn Member Posts: 4

    fist the quote
    Wave receipts mobile application: The new, streamlined feature, - who are you kidding. there is nothing streamlined about it.

    it should say "the new way to waste a lot of time ,and frustrate you has been introduced" we have removed the simple way

    Why have you done it. Just put it back to how it was

  • jayzzzjayzzz Member Posts: 3

    I'm at a lost now on what to do with my accounts halfway thru the year, as I depend solely on the OCR features in wave.
    Decided to quit complaining, and just move on.

    I am looking to move to Xero, Quickbooks or Foreceipt.
    Tried Xero, and Hubdoc features are better receipt OCR than Wave (even before wave removed it), but a bit pricey.
    Haven't tried the rest.
    Saw your recommendations on Foreceipt.
    Quickbooks any good?

  • moraisinsmoraisins Member Posts: 2

    Using Zoho's pretty good and very professional. Has great OCR feature with a drag and drop and email expense forwarding system. About $5/mth subscription.

  • MayurMayur Member Posts: 6

    i agree, we need that receipt feature by email. It is quite important to have easy accounting.

  • Jonathan van RensburgJonathan van Rensburg Member Posts: 5

    what happened to the receipts that was online that I haven't posted yet ??

  • KiahDKiahD Administrator Posts: 267 admin

    Hey @rwcgh, I've spoken with the Wave Money team here, and they have confirmed that correct workflow here would be to enter the amount in your default currency and then attach the receipt. If you look at your bank/credit card statement, you should see that the amount calculate there as opposed to an amount in a foreign currency! In addition, this change is for accounting purposes; if you were to enter the transaction in a foreign currency, you wouldn't be able to reconcile your account.

    Hi @Rebecca_B321! Emailed receipts had to be posted to Accounting for them to be attached to their respective transactions once we released the new Receipts feature and removed the old Receipts page. If they were received by Wave and not posted to Accounting, they will be available in your Receipt data export under Settings > Data Export. In this case, please use the missing images and re-attach them to the expense transactions, or use the information on the receipt to create a new expense transaction.

    Hey @alohastar , I'm sorry you've been having some issues with the switch to the new workflow. To clarify, were these receipts in the app not already posted to accounting? If so, was the transaction already in your Wave account? If this is the case, you can go ahead and merge the duplicates, or delete the one uploaded from the mobile app. If not, could you please clarify exactly what the issue is you're seeing in your account?

    Hello @brambe , I'm sorry that the file size limit is sometimes too small for you to upload receipts. Could you please let me know the file size and format? Then I can pass this information on to our Development team, and if it becomes an issue multiple users report, we can look into adjusting the file size limits! For the time being however, please continue using your current workaround of re-sizing the files.

    Hi @jk122234 and @Jonathan van Rensburg ! All receipt images, whether posted to accounting or not, can be found in the Receipt data export under Settings > Data Export. You can download this export, and use the images to attach to existing transactions, or create new ones.

    Hey @phoneticsound , to upload a receipt into Wave by attaching it to a transaction, please follow the steps here :smile:

  • rainwlildsrainwlilds Member Posts: 4

    Such a shame. The OCR scanning was one of the hallmarks of the software! Please bring it back, even as a paid option.

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